I am Ready To Serve!


Servant's Ministry Requirements:

1. One must be "saved", "born again" according to the Scriptures.
2. You must read, “The Philosophy of Ministry of Calvary Chapel ”by Pastor Chuck Smith (ask for a copy).
3.Complete the praying about serving form, and pray about serving.
4. Complete the Servant's Ministry Application.
5. You are expected to attend at least 3 regular worship services per month.
6. You will be expected to attend ministry meetings.
7. Arrive at the church early as requested for the scheduled ministry.
8. Read and agree with CC statement of faith.

Depending on the ministry position you are seeking, it may be necessary to conduct a criminal background check. Simply having a criminal past does not disqualify you from serving. Due to the current legal environment, we must ask the following questions of everyone who works in ministry.

Please give two references (not relatives) that we may contact.

Thank you for your interest in serving the Lord here at Calvary Chapel. A photocopy of your driver's license may be required depending on the ministry position you are seeking.