About Us

Who We Are, Where We Come From, Being Prepared, and What Lies Ahead

Who we are

I have been on this journey in life with Christ for 22 years years now. I grew up in the knowledge of God, but it was always religion until my pride was broken. I had sought purpose for my life by chasing different things. When I turned 21 Jesus got a hold of my life and everything changed. Melissa came into my life shortly after. We had gone to the same high school, but were on opposite ends of the spectrum. She was the prom queen and I was problem king. We both attended Calvary Chapel Bible College and grew in grace and the knowledge of our Savior. We fell in love with Him and with each other.

Where we come from

My desire was to go and tell everyone in the world about the awesome God that had changed my life. God had plans I did not foresee and lead us to the fire department in Arizona. There I learned to trust God even when it doesn’t make sense. I was a firefighter, paramedic, engineer, and fire chaplain. We lost one of our children in our first year of marriage. Gabriella was born and lived 17 days. That was tough beyond what I can express, but God continued to bless us. We had three more children that were healthy. Ministry began in our lives. We were teaching Sunday school, and were super busy serving God. We began to serve families that had experienced the death of a child, by comforting them in the same way Christ comforted us. God was doing so much, and we were just hanging on. God used us in beginning an organization (Random Acts of Kindness) which provided an amazing opportunity to see God work in the lives of our church, community, and fire department. Everything seemed perfect and life was like a fairy tail.

Being prepared

God called my wife and I to the military to serve. It was a step of faith, but we knew that we heard from the Lord, just as when we knew we heard Him when we got engaged only after 3 weeks of being introduced to each other. We left everything and became apart of the 101st Airborne here in Fort Campbell. The next few years were very difficult. God was with us, but it was a wilderness. The spot lights were gone and so was the fellowship. I was able to use the medical skills God had given me working as a firefighter paramedic. I would need them on the battle ground as a combat medic. Melissa and I were apart during 2 deployments, one to Afghanistan, and the other to Iraq. We saw a little fruit from serving Jesus at any opportunity, but it was the kind that came through fire. At this time we learned God will let us go through things we never imagined He would, but He would never leave our side. We learned to have a lot and to have a little. We have learned the closer we get to God the more we realize we need to know Him more. We know that no matter what we have, or don’t have Jesus is enough. God has taken us through the hard things that come with war and He is using them to refine our faith. We will never be the same as when we left Arizona, but that’s ok because God loves us so much that He would never let us stay the same. He is continuing to draw us closer to Him and to mold us more and more into His image.

What lies ahead?

I recently completed nuclear medicine school, while serving as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Dickson. We have been so blessed to have sat under great Bible teachers, and Godly leaders. God has called us again, together as husband and wife, to serve in Clarksville TN. Our desire is to provide a place where people will learn the Bible and grow closer to Jesus. That He would make us Godly men, Godly women, Godly husbands, Godly wives, and Godly parents. Calvary Clarksville is a church where Gods people come to be equipped to live Godly lives. We are a broken people, that need a place to worship, pray, study the word, receive communion, and have fellowship! We are not about religion, but all about relationship with Jesus and our prayer is to have others join us on this journey through life as we follow Jesus.

~Pastor Kolby Kreidel~

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